QuietRock EZ-SNAP

Lowest cost, true score and snap with EZ-SNAP technology

QuietRock ES is the first sound reducing drywall that easily scores and snaps using breakthrough EZ-SNAP technology.  QuietRock ES has no paper, and no metal on the inside of the panel yet delivers acoustical ratings of up to STC 55 on single stud construction. This patented product is easy to install and is ideal for residential and commercial construction.
QuietRock ES Benefits

EZ-SNAP technology with true score and snap 

  • No need to use a saw to cut the panel, just simply score and snap
  • No paper or metal in the middle of the panel
  • Installs and hangs just like regular drywall
  • Easier and faster to install which leads to increased productivity and lower labor cost
  • Load bearing, 1 hour fire rated, Type X
  • Unlike resilient channel, cannot be easily short circuited
  • Can be used on ceilings and load bearing walls
  • QuietRock ES is as easy to snap as regular 5/8” gypsum
  • Abrasion resistant paper

EZ-SNAP is technology with an advanced gypsum core and no paper or metal in the center, making it 3 times easier to snap than any other noise reducing drywall brands. The Patented EZ-SNAP technology allows simple and straightforward soundproofed-drywall installation. EZ-SNAP technology was first introduced in 2009 with QuietRock ES. Since then it has changed the building construction industry. With easier faster installation QuietRock ES has become the leading sound damped drywall panel installed today.

Having been well established in the market place, the EZ-SNAP family expands with QuietRock ES Mold Resistant. This addition offers the same high acoustic performance, meeting STC code requirements with a single layer, but with an advanced mold resistant treatment – noise and mold protection all-in-one!

EZ-SNAP delivers high, reliable acoustic performance at the lowest installed cost - saving time, labor, materials, and valuable floor space. With over 5 million square feet installed nationwide, EZ-SNAP will continue to develop providing products to fit specific applications – making it the leading brand of soundproofing drywall chosen by professionals.

QuietRock EZ-SNAP Datasheet