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I am concerned about sound transfer through the duct work. What can your coating do?

HVAC ducting represents a potential leakage point for sound transmission from space to space. Our QuietCoat product is designed to damp sound (vibration) in metal surfaces such as sheet metal ducting and can help reduce sound transfer/transmission through these materials. Keep in mind that sound can also travel through the duct opening itself so just using QuietCoat to damp the duct surface may not be enough. We suggest you speak with an experienced HVAC company about products or ways to reduce sound transmission through the duct opening itself.

Do QuietRock products contain asbestos?

No, none of our QuietRock products contain asbestos or any other any harmful agents. Just like standard drywall, care and appropriate protection (dust masks, eye protection, etc.), should be used when cutting and installing QuietRock. For more information on the materials used and contained in our QuietRock products, please refer to the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) located in our documentation center