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How effective is QuietRock in reducing FIIC noise in a ceiling application using a truss system above?

QuietRock attenuates airborne noise (rated by STC). In laboratory testing on ceiling applications, QuietRock was found to provide very little if any attenuation of impact noise (IIC). To date, no FIIC (field impact insulation class) testing has been conducted.

What's the best way to install QuietRock over an existing ceiling?

As long as the ceiling is standard single layer drywall over a joist system, QuietRock can be installed directly over the existing drywall and screwed into the ceiling joists using suitable drywall screws.

Please note that QuietRock provides improved sound reduction for airborne noise only. (QuietRock will not reduce footstep noise or “impact” structural noise transmission).

Should a skim coat be applied to QuietRock prior to priming?

As QuietRock can be finished just like standard drywall panels, finishing practices are the same. “Skim Coating” is typically done on “level 5” wall finishes for very smooth walls that will be sanded, primed and painted with semi or gloss paints so as to show no surface irregularities and to hide all seams and joints.

Can QuietRock 545 be installed on hat channel with sound clips (such as genie clips, quiet clips) to help with footfall and low frequency noise?

QuietRock panel products are designed to reduce the transmission of airborne noise. QuietRock 545 is ideal for reducing low frequency noise generated in sound studios, commercial and home theaters as well as excellent overall sound transmission reduction. Please note that footfall noise is referred to as impact or “structure borne” noise and QuietRock will not provide any benefit for this type of noise. Properly installed sound clips should help with footfall or structure borne noise issues.

I am concerned about sound transfer through the duct work. What can your coating do?

HVAC ducting represents a potential leakage point for sound transmission from space to space. Our QuietCoat product is designed to damp sound (vibration) in metal surfaces such as sheet metal ducting and can help reduce sound transfer/transmission through these materials. Keep in mind that sound can also travel through the duct opening itself so just using QuietCoat to damp the duct surface may not be enough. We suggest you speak with an experienced HVAC company about products or ways to reduce sound transmission through the duct opening itself.

Can pot or can lights be used in the ceiling when using resilient channeling with QuietRock panels?

Wall mounted lights and track lights are better options. Any large opening in a wall and or ceiling may allow flanking noise to transfer through. In a situation where pot lights are mandatory, one option would be to build a box of QuietRock around the back and surround the pot light. Make sure to contact the manufacturer of the pot lights to confirm that heat and fire hazards would not be an issue.

Is there a single product that has an STC of 45 vs. a combination of products in an assembly that provide an STC of 45?

In the acoustical products industry the conventional approach is to conduct laboratory or field STC tests on complete construction assemblies (wall or floor/ceiling assemblies), to determine STC values. These tests are almost never done on individual materials and it is not known if there are any products available in the market which have been tested on an individual basis and which would provide this high of an STC rating. We have not STC tested QuietRock products on an individual basis, only as part of wall assemblies.

Will 1/2" QuietRock products yield a 30 minute fire rating on ceiling application?

Our 1/2" QuietRock 500 and QuietRock 510 products (QR500 sold only at participating Lowe's stores), have not been tested to meet fire ratings for wall or ceiling application. Furthermore, while these products are fine for wall application as the sold wall panel in non-fire rated applications, neither of these 1/2" products are recommended for ceiling installation due to potential sagging. QuietRock does not at present manufacture or distribute a fire rated panel for ceiling application.

How much would Quietrock reduce the ICC of a wood floor structure if used as a replacement for standard 5/8 Type X gyp board?

Answer: QuietRock would have little to no discernible affect on the IIC rating of a wood floor structure. Acoustically damped panels such as QuietRock which work (via the process referred to as "constrained layer damping"), provide an increase in the assemblies STC rating (Sound Transmission Class - a rating describing attenuation of airborne noise), but have been found to have little to no effect on increasing or affecting the IIC rating (IIC - Impact Insulation Class-a rating describing attenuation of impact or structurally transmitted noise).

Do you have an assembly guide for installing QuietRock on ceilings only?

Currently, our QuietRock assembly guide only covers wall applications as we do not have extensive acoustical testing for floor/ceiling assemblies.