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QuietGlue Pro

How does QuietRock install over existing drywall? Regular fasteners to the studs or glued on?

QuietRock should be screwed or nailed to the studs when installing over existing drywall. We do not recommend the use of construction or standard drywall adhesives when installing QuietRock as this can affect the panel’s acoustic performance.

Option: when fastening QuietRock over existing drywall with screws or nails, we suggest the use of QuietGlue Pro applied between the drywall and the QuietRock to add additional acoustical performance.

Do QuietRock products contain asbestos?

No, none of our QuietRock products contain asbestos or any other any harmful agents. Just like standard drywall, care and appropriate protection (dust masks, eye protection, etc.), should be used when cutting and installing QuietRock. For more information on the materials used and contained in our QuietRock products, please refer to the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) located in our documentation center

Can I use QuietGlue Pro on QuietRock to add to the overall wall performance?

QuietGlue can be used in conjunction with QuietRock and will give slightly better performance when QuietRock is installed over existing drywall on a stud built wall. QuietRock with QuietGlue Pro between it and the existing drywall should provide 2-3 additional STC points acoustic performance on average.

How much QuietGlue Pro is needed per 4x8 sheet?

Recommended application of QuietGlue Pro is (2) 28 oz. tubes applied between two layers of 4x8’ material. Please see our QuietGlue Pro application instructions in our documentation center for additional information.