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How do I apply QuietSeal Pro?

QuietSeal Pro is very easy to use - applied with a caulking gun just like standard latex caulking. See installation instructions for details.

How do I open the QuietSeal Pro tube?

Simply cut the tip off of the tube and the tip off of the nozzle approximately 1/4'” to 3/8” in diameter, screw the nozzle onto the tube and insert into a standard caulking gun.

What is the difference between QuietSeal Pro and other sealants?

QuietSeal Pro’s special formula is designed to stay soft and resistant and will not crack or shrink, preventing noise leakage.

Can I use QuietSeal Pro when I'm not using QuietRock?

Yes, we recommend the using QuietSeal Pro with QuietRock for maximum acoustic performance, but QuietSeal Pro can be used in any indoor application to prevent noise leaks.

Is QuietSeal Pro safe?

Yes, QuietSeal Pro is environmentally friendly - water-based, low VOC and low odor making it very safe to use.

Which test standards apply to Quietseal Pro?

QuietSeal Pro has been tested for and exceeds the specifications listed by ASTM C834 for Type O class -18C Latex sealant (Standard test for latex sealants) and achieved a class A rating per ASTM E84 (Surface burning characteristics/flame spread test).

How much QuietSeal Pro caulking is needed per 4x9 sheet?

QuietSeal Pro is sold in 28 fl oz. contractor size caulking tubes. One 28 oz. tube covers 88 lineal feet (based on application of a 1/4" thick bead of sealant along panel edges). One QuietSeal Pro tube will cover roughly 3 4x9 panels.

How much QuietSeal Pro do I need?

A 28 fl oz tube of QuietSeal Pro applied using 1/4" bead covers about 88 lineal feet. Another way to look at it is a typical properly sealed installation requires 1 tube for every (4) 4'x8' size QuietRock panels.

When installing QuietRock how do I apply QuietPutty?

QuietPutty is designed to be wrapped around the back of electrical boxes mounted to the studs before the QuietRock is installed. It can also be used to seal around penetrations for piping, fire sprinklers, etc. This product is not designed for wrapping can or recessed lights in a ceiling due to heat venting from the light unit.

For more information, please refer to the installation instructions located in our documentation center.

Do QuietRock products contain asbestos?

No, none of our QuietRock products contain asbestos or any other any harmful agents. Just like standard drywall, care and appropriate protection (dust masks, eye protection, etc.), should be used when cutting and installing QuietRock. For more information on the materials used and contained in our QuietRock products, please refer to the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) located in our documentation center