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QuietRock 530

Made in the USA

QuietRock 530 is a versatile, high performance sound damping gypsum panel that delivers superb noise reduction and impact resistance. This ‘superpanel’ is UL fire-resistance rated, STC-rated, shear-rated, and impact-resistant.


  • High STC performance with added shear and impact resistance

  • 1 hour fire rated - UL & ULC fire resistant assemblies

  • Shear-rated (average 487 lbs/ft)

  • High reliability: unlike resilient channel, cannot be easily short circuited

  • Continues to reduce noise even when fixtures are installed

  • Can be used in load bearing and non-load bearing assemblies

  • Outperforms other sound attenuation methods, including multi-layered gypsum panels, resilient channel and soundboard

Core Thickness Width Length Edge Weight
QR530/Type X 5/8’’ (15.9 mm) 48’’ (1219 mm) 8’ (2438 mm)
9’ (2743 mm)
10’ (3048 mm)
12’ (3658 mm)
Tapered 2.88lbs/ft2
Core: Type X Core, UL Core Type QR530
Paper: 100% recycled paper on front, back and long edges
Manufactured: ASTM C1396, Federal Specification SS-L-30D Type III & Grade X
Product Standards: ASTM C1766
QuietRock® System Installation Instructions (510, 530, 545)
Gypsum Association GA-214, GA-216
Surface Burn ASTM E84:
Class A
Flame Spread 10
Smoke Developed 20
1 hour
Combustibility ASTM E136:
ASTM E2126:
487 lb/ft
Impact Resistance
ASTM C1629:
Soft Body: Level 3
Hard Body: Level 3
STC-rated Assemblies

QuietRock has been tested on many assemblies; click the icon below for your stud type:

Wood FrameSteel Frame

Wood Stud

25g Steel Stud

STC Lab Tested Range:

52- 74


STC Lab Tested Range:


To view all assemblies Click Here.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings given for lab tested assemblies.
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Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory

5/8 in. thick, 48 in. wide, Type QuietRock 530 panel for use in Design No: U309, U340, U341, U376, U386, V310, V463, V464

Sustainability manufactured in Las Vegas, NV and laminated in Newark, CA from raw material extracted from the same location in Las Vegas, NV. 

Sustainability Documents: