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QuietSeal Pro

Made in the USA

QuietSeal® Pro is a high performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant used to maintain optimum acoustic performance of the Quiet® Sound Damping System. QuietSeal® Pro stays soft to prevent cracking and reduce sound transmission. Apply QuietSeal®Pro around perimeters of the walls to prevent noise leaks in your assembly. It’s easy to use and offers a hassle free clean up – just use soap and water. Choose QuietSeal® Pro for quick application, maximum performance, and reliable results when used as part of the Quiet® Sound Damping System.


  • Optimizes damping performance of STC rated assemblies

  • Easy application

  • Hassle free clean up

  • Stays soft for high acoustic performance

  • Environmentally friendly: water-based, low VOC and low odor

  • Exceeds ASTM C 834 standards

Unit Size Application Thickness Coverage Color Weight
28oz tube 1/8’’ to 3/8’’ bead 88 linear feet at 1/4’’ bead Light Blue 3lbs/tube
QuietRock® EZ-SNAP Installation Instructions (ES & ES MR)
QuietRock® System Installation Instructions (510, 530, 545)
Gypsum Association GA-214, GA-216
Standard specification for Latex Sealants ASTM C834:
Grade -18°C
Extrudability ASTM C1183 Method B:
≥2.1 g/s Extrusion Rate
Volume Shrinkage ASTM C1241 Type OP:
≤30% volume shrinkage.
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM C734:
Grade -18°C, no adhesion loss or cracking through to substrate after 500 hours.
Recovery and Adhesion Loss ASTM C736:
≥75% recovery and ≤25% total bond area loss.
Slump ASTM D2202:
No slump observed.
Stain Index ASTM D2203:
Maximum allowable stain index of 1.
Surface Burn ASTM E84:
Meets NFPA Class A Fire-Rating
VOC Emissions ASTM D1475, ASTM D2369, ASTM D3792, SCAQMD:
<0.1g/L VOC

Underwriters Laboratories, UL fire Resistance Directory

Sustainability manufactured in Newark, CA.


Sustainability Documents: