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Project Gallery

PABCO Gysum is the leading manufacturer of gypsum wallboard and award-winning QuietRock family of advanced sound damping materials. With millons of square feet installed, the latest generation of QuietRock products continue to exeed builders expectations in ease of use and proven lab and field results in thousands of projects. Here are just a few of our signature projects.

Orion at Lumino Park offers Calgary renters innovative, affordable and sustainable apartments

Tundra Lodge Tackles Declining Guest Occupancy with Sound Reducing Drywall

Hotel looks to construction company for best acoustical treatment

High-end property looks to QuietCoat® Acoustical Coating to stop extreme screeching noise in...

The Mayton Inn found QuietRock to be cost effective while exceeding acoustic expectations.

LemonTree Studios achieved the results it was looking for thanks to QuietRock Sound Reducing Drywall

Architect Delta H Design integrates QuietRock sound reducing drywall into industry acclaimed ZR...

QuietRock 545 selected for maximum sound isolation for elite football location

Eye-opening test data spurs architect to specify QuietRock for critical noise abatement...

Project team creates low cost, quiet solution for San Francisco hospital.